Course overview

About the course

Course Goals

The goal of this pilot course is to help educators use Google technology to enhance the efficiency, innovation and effectiveness of their instruction. We have divided the course into three units, each focusing on a set of applications.

  • Research and communicate: search for online resources and distribute information to school communities.
  • Create and share: make online documents and foster collaboration using word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and survey tools.
  • Enhance classroom experiences: use online tools to enhance communication and visual lessons

Course Structure

Here is a list of each unit (bold) and the supporting lessons that can be found in each one.

Research and Communicate Create and Share Enhance Classroom Experiences
Find videos and articles (Google Search) Store Your Files and Records (Google Drive) Hangout with Parents, Teachers, or Students (Google+ Hangouts)
Captivate your class (YouTube) Collaborate using Shared Documents (Google Docs) Bring School Groups Together (Google+ Communities)
Research Online (Google Chrome) Create and Share Class Presentations (Google Slides) Show Your Class the World (Google Maps)
Display Information and Work (Google Sites) Organize Class Data (Google Sheets) Take Your Class to the Museum (Google Cultural Institute)
Contact Parents, Teachers, or Students (Gmail) Collect Class Data (Google Forms) Manage Your Classroom (Google Classroom)
Schedule Your School Term (Google Calendar)

Communicate to Your School or Region (Google Groups)