How the course works

Course Goals

Here’s how Google Basics for Teaching is structured:

  • Course: consists of three units and a two-part final project

  • Units: a group of lessons; each unit contains of an overview video followed by lessons

  • Lessons: use cases of how educators use the tool in their classroom, how-to steps for accomplishing basic tasks in the tool, links to learning more, activities for practicing the skills and getting feedback, and a discussion forum for sharing ideas and getting help

  • Final Project: a chance for you to apply skills learned in the class

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must complete both parts of the final project.

A typical lesson

Objectives (1)

What you should be able to do after completing the lesson.

Scenarios (2)

Each lesson contains at least three brief scenarios of educators using the tool in their work: to reduce or expedite administrative tasks, to improve collaboration, to enhance instruction. Though these are based on real scenarios, all the names of educators are fictitious. We hope that these examples will inspire you to think about how you will use this tool in your teaching practice.

How-to (3)

This section consists of steps for completing common tasks within the tool. By default the steps are hidden, but you can expand them by clicking on the small arrow to the left of the title. (3a)

Also embedded in this section are links to learn more (3b) about the tools as well as additional ideas for applying the technology in your classroom.

Activity (4)

This is a chance for you to practice your skills and receive feedback. In many of the activities we ask you to use the actual tool, and in some cases, share an example with the course Gmail account. You can expect to receive automated email responses from this account so that you know you’ve completed the task correctly.

Discussion forum (5)

This is where you can ask questions, share ideas, and provide feedback to course staff and peers. Teaching assistants will be monitoring the forum throughout the course. If you have technical questions specific to a particular Google product, you can also ask them in the relevant Google Product Forum linked within the "Learn More" section.

Tips for being a successful online student

You are part of a global community of educators who are all taking this course together. Like most courses, we find that what participants get out of the course is proportional to the effort they put in. We have found that the following elements can help participants in MOOCs feel most successful:


  • Create a schedule for yourself of when you plan to focus on the course

  • We estimate the course will take between 15-27 hours to complete

  • Try to find space/time free of other distractions


  • Connect with fellow course participants in the course forum and in our G+ Community

  • Ask peers questions and share your experiences

Ask for help!

  • If you have questions about the course content or technology at any time during the course, please feel free to ask questions in the course forum.

  • A group of teaching assistants will be available throughout the course to answer your questions. You can reach them by posting in the forum.

Give us feedback!

This course is a pilot, so we hope you will share your feedback, concerns, and questions with us.

  • Lesson-specific feedback: use the "Rate this Lesson" scale at the bottom of each page

  • Overall course feedback: respond to the mid-course and post-course questionnaires.

What’s next

You’re ready to get started! From here, you can