Description of Parts I and II

Project Goal

Use the skills from this class to increase the efficiency or effectiveness of your teaching.

Part I

In Part I of this project, you will document your plan for trying out a Google technology learned during this course. This could fall into any of the following categories:

  • Lesson Plan
    • where students use the technology (e.g. Google Search, Docs, Sheets, ..)
    • where you use the technology for delivery or preparation (e.g. Chrome, Search, You Tube, Slides, Maps, Cultural Institute)
  • Communication plan for your students, parents, or school community (e.g. Google Sites, Groups, Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, G+ Community)
  • Collaboration plan with other educators or administrators (e.g. Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, ..)
  • Administrative tasks plan (Drive, Classroom, Forms, Calendar)
  • Other!

Part II

In Part II of this project, you will complete one of the following:

  • Option A: Report how you implemented your plan in Part I
    • Relections of how it went
    • What went well
    • What you'd do differently next time
    • Evidence of implementation (video, student, sample, photo, etc.)
  • Option B: An implementation plan for a second technology (same choices as Part I above)

Sample Project

Note: if you use one of these, please make a copy and edit it to match your situation.

Feedback, assessment, and grading

  • This project is intended for your own benefit, since we believe the best way to solidify knowledge is by practicing it! Therefore we will not be assigning letter or number grades to your work.
  • In order to earn a certificate of completion for this course, you must submit both parts I and II of this final project.
  • If you would like feedback on your work, or would like to see a sample of other learners' projects, we encourage you to share them on the class Google+ Community.

Part I. Make a plan to integrate Google technology into your teaching practice.

  1. Which tool(s) will you be using in your teaching practice?
  2. Select one or more

  3. Who will you use with?

  4. What are you going to do?
  5. Describe and/or link to the plan. How will you use the tool? What is your timeframe; when will you implement it? How long will your project last?

  6. How will you know if the project is successful?
  7. Instructional/planning time saved, increased student scores, increased engagement, more effective lesson, etc.
  8. Share a Google Doc outlining your plan with us, or a specific URL (if a Google Site, Calendar, Group, G+ Community, etc.)
  9. Please edit the access rights to this document so that "Anyone with the link can view"
  10. I certify that this project represents my own work

  11. If you would like feedback on your plan prior to implementing it, please share your plan(via link -> Google Doc) with the course G+ community. Select the Final Project category.
Please answer all questions in order to receive credit for this project.

Final Project II
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