Mid-course questionnaire

Google Basics for Teaching is provided by Google Inc. Your participation in this questionnaire is optional and you may choose not to answer any question below. Google will use the information collected in this form to assess and improve the course. Google will maintain the data in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy.

This optional questionnaire is designed for you to reflect on and share your experiences with this course.

1. Overall this course is worthwhile.

2. Please rate the level of difficulty of the course:

3. As a result of this course, which of these Google tools have you already used (or plan to use) in your classroom? (select all that apply)

4. What is the one most valuable thing that you’ve learned from this course so far? [free text]

5. What part of the course have you found most valuable so far?

6. While taking this course, how many times have you visited the course forum?

7. About how many times have you gotten stuck (couldn’t proceed without getting help from someone or some other resource) while taking the course?

8. If you indicated that you’ve gotten stuck in question 7, please provide details. Was it a technology problem? Content problem? Process problem? Access problem? Google product problem?

9. What feedback do you have for us about the course? [free response]